The Consul

THE CONSUL, Walter W. Orebaugh with Carol Jose
THE CONSUL, Walter W. Orebaugh with Carol Jose
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A true story about an American diplomat who is captured by the fascists during WWII in Italy. He escapes and is given refuge by the Italian partisans, joins the Italian resistance movement and fights alongside the partisans.

"Grazie! A fascinating story of real heroism, valor, and devotion to duty. Orebaugh's success was aided by linguistic ability and sheer guts." Brig. General John W. Dobson, USA (Ret.) Commander, 1st Ranger Battalion, Anzio, Italian Campaign, WWII

"A remarkable true adventure...extraordinary feats by individuals...this story is inspiration for a new generation." The late Philip C. Habib, Ambassador/Diplomat

"A gripping adventure...the kind you can't put down..." Stephen Low, The Bologna Center, Johns Hopkins University

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