Down in Flames

Down In Flames, Larry Guarino
Down In Flames, Larry Guarino
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Larry Guarino

AUTHOR OF "A POW'S STORY: 2801 DAYS IN HANOI." During The WWII Air War In Italy An American Spitfire Pilot Does Battle With A German Ace

A young American fighter pilot, Nick Forte joins the WWII air war in Italy and flies the famous British Spitfire. A vivid and action filled story, with historical and chronological accuracy as Nick becomes a true Spitfire Ace. 384 Pages.

Colonel Larry Guarino joined the Army Air Corps soon after Pearl Harbour. He flew the famous British Spitfire in the Mediterranean Theatre. Later in China he flew the North American P-51. He is best known for his Vietnam experience. On June 14th 1965 he was shot down on his 50th mission. He was captured and spent nearly eight years in Hanoi enduring extreme cruelties. He was most fortunate to make it out alive. Several years later he wrote of his prison experience in his book, A POW'S STORY: 2801 Days In Hanoi. Colonel Larry Guarino, USAF, retired, is holder of the Air Force Cross, the Distinguished Service Medal, two Silver Stars, two Purple Hearts, and many other awards. He retired from the Air Force on July 4th, 1975.


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