June Blum Black and White Paintings

June Blum Black and White Paintings
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This book, "June Blum Black and White Paintings, 1960's through 2010" displays the work of a unique artist and her career of creating an oeuvre unlike anyone else. The unique history of this artist is revealed through the language of art and paint.

June Blum, artist for over fifty years, former Museum curator and activist, creates black and white paintings as easily as she creates figurative works. Her works are in public as well as private collections. Her one of a kind black and white paintings drew attention in many articles for their distinct uniqueness. As Professor Cynthia Maris Dantzic's statement in the catalog "June Blum's Black and White Lines 2005" states: "For me, one test of a painter's success is the response to such questions as these: Is there anyone who paints paintings lke these? Are these works derivative of another's paintings? Do these works add something new to the painter's lexicon? Her oeuvre responds well to each of these criteria, with energy and vivacity. And so for your visual pleasure, here are the Black and White paintings of June Blum"

Andrew D. Hottle, the author of this current book, "June Blum Black and White Paintings" 1963 through 2010" is Associate Professor of Art History at Rowan University in Glassboro, New Jersey. He earned his PhD at Temple University, where he studied European art of the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries. His research addresses the work of women artists, both historical and contemporary. In addition, he has written articles on Peter Paul Rubens, John Everett Millais, and Elizabeth Vigée Le Brun.

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