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Optimize Your Physiology For Life,  Pierre Cloutier, MD
Optimize Your Physiology For Life, Pierre Cloutier, MD
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How are you? Are you well? Do you remember what it is to feel good?

Or maybe you never felt good, or very good, through your whole life. Feeling good happens for a reason. It is when all the cells of your body have what they need to function properly. That is the reason we feel well.

Cells need to be fed by the right food: proteins; fats; glucides (carbohydrates); vitamins; nutrients; and minerals. The cells need to receive the right hormones in optimal quantities on their receptors to tell them what work to do. Yes, cells need to be told what to do by hormones.

Cells need not be disturbed by poisons (pesticides, heavy metals, etc.). Chronic inflammation disturbs the cells too. Bad food or food allergies can result in chronic inflammation. Food that makes insulin high leads to chronic inflammation.

To be healthy means feeling good in your brain, blood vessels, muscles, joints, skin, and the cells of your body. And, if you feel bad, we will look for the real causes!

Let me present myself: Dr. Pierre Cloutier, a medical doctor trained in medical school (University of Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada), with 30 years experience in emergency and general practice.

Fifteen years ago, I realized that a patient's sickness was not caused by a lack of medication. So, I had to look for the "real causes" and study the physiology. Through those years, I attended many world-class medical conferences. I met very good doctors who taught me a lot. I studied two to three hours a day, reading a book per week, and researching health magazines and health newsletters. I compiled a vast amount of compelling information about the latest medical studies and research.

In this book, I will try to share that medical knowledge with you. In my practice, I see one patient at a time. It is slow. But with this book, I hope to help many! My definition of real medicine is to understand and reestablish the optimal physiology of the human. The goal is to find and correct the reasons for the dysfunction that causes a disease.

Alternative medicine means adding foreign molecules (medications or natural products) to the body in order to improve the patient. Both are good, but the best medicine is to find and treat the cause of the illness.

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