The End Times Are Here!

Why Die If You Don't Have To Die?
Why Die If You Don't Have To Die?
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Why Die If You Don't Have To Die? Essentials for understanding Scripture have been divided into four very brief texts (loaded with diagrams): Book 1, The Overall Picture; Book II, The Lands Of Joseph; Book III, The Role Of The Image; Book IV, Blessings Upon Joseph. It's an amazing presentation. The overall plan begins by laying out The Four Harvests, the gathering of the Saints and their Servants, supported by myriad references and then assembles the multitude of pieces encompassing 1,650 years. This period, called The End Times, began with the Seventh Millennial Day from Creation. People can readily see the growing New World with the vast advances in technologies: steam, electricity, running water, motor vehicles, aircraft, communication devices, nuclear power, computers, etc. Even the role of Jesus's Messenger (Revelation 22:6,16; Exodus 23:20-23; etc.) as the Chief Human Shepherd of the Eternal Kingdom and his special 40 year training are brought to the attention of readers.

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